Angel of a Rope by Adam Buttrick. Digest size, two color, 20+ pages. $7

Buttrick returns with another stellar comic, but this time the pages are denser with panels and the characters do things in some kind of coherent sequence. While the floating/explitictly poetic approach of earlier Buttrick releases seems to be (at least temporarily) dismissed, this is no less challenging and ambitious as what we've seen from this essential young cartoonist. Angel of a Rope comes off almost as an allegory, but with sharp edges----Buttirck continues to exploit the language of puffy, manga-meets-Bud Fisher cartoon imagery towards unashamedly dense statements. But Buttrick is no cold aesthete---there's human concerns here, sifted through a strange comic vortex. Basically, this guy is making amazing work and each new comic he puts out is something to take notice off and clear aside whatever else you're reading for.