Astral Playin by Becca Kacanda

18 ages, black and white on colored paper. 6 x 5. $5

This zine was made for the show Check-Marks at Open Space Gallery which Kacanda exhibited her art in. but I liked it so much I had to grab a few to offer on the DOMINO site. It's sort of a perfect zine---presented with the utmost care but also extremely casual---the black and white on color paper feels almost 'high-end' but also like simple fun. The images themselves are that way---Kacanda creates these powerful, round inky drawings that are strange, funny, aggressive---but (most overwhelmingly) they just feel good to look at, like drops of some weird kind of candy. Kacanda's work has appeared in different anthologies but this is the first time I've seen a solo zine by her---there may be others?Anyway, it's a thrill to be able to look through this zine and get a nice, portable dose of Kacanda's powerful aesthetic.