Aunt Ted by Pris Genet. $5

We are honored to carry this book from newly returned Organ Bank. We think letting the publisher speak for themselves about this book is best:

'An attempt by Pris G. to locate a distinctly feminine “non-tyranical monstrosity” in Ted K’s life and work—informed by his effort to acquire psychiatric approval for a sex change operation while teaching mathematics at the University of Michigan. Originally written for a still-forthcoming anthology on schizophrenia and violence that Morgan Vogel was planning around 2017. “Aunt Ted’s womb will birth the revolutionary subject. It exists outside of her prison cell. It haunts the woods of Montana. […] It opposes the correct analysis of professional activists, revolutionary tyrants confined to their incestuous cults, technophiles dreaming of a ‘post-scarcity’ world. In those who disregard moral imperatives, who will do whatever to defend wild nature, the murderous roar of her meticulous and hidden dream echoes.”

A5, 10 pages. Yellow printer pager house in custom polybag with full-color cardstock insert.'