Barrel of Monkeys by Florent Ruppert and Jérôme Mulot. Published by Rebus Books. $19.95

112 pages, black and white. 6.5 x 9.5. Softcover 

Virtuoso level cartooning from two of France's most progressive artists. It seems hard to believe, but this book (published by newly minted Rebus Books, which is batting 1,000% with this stellar, flawless debut) marks the first time that work from Ruppert and Mulot is available in English. Until now, their two page strip in the price prohibitive Kramer Ergot #7 was the only place to see their work stateside. I always thought that strip was the best thing in the hyper-strong Kramer #7, and this book expands upon the condensed power found in those two pages. Cruel humor paired with incredible control (and moments of wildly expressive drawing) mark this work. The production from Rebus wraps the aggressive nature of the art into a elegant package.