Boston Corbett by Andy Douglas Day. $30, 1384 pages, black & white, 3 books /w slipcase. Published by Sonatina. 

I'm very proud to have recommended this book to people for years as it was being prepared for publication, publishing an interview with the Andy Douglas Day in But is it...Comic Aht? #2. It's no secret how the Domino Universe feels about this book: we love Andy's work and find it totally unique & uncompromising, while also noting that it's extremely enjoyable and funny. Day operates his epic narrative (yes, that 1384 page count is no typo) somewhere between razor sharp sitcom, dream, avant grade poem, introverted joke, upfront declaration of feeling. You could say the work is non traditional in how it represents characters (often you have to look at visual clues to establish what's what) but a better way to phrase it would be: this book asserts a new way for how to read sequential art and does so with pleasure. For those who read it, this book caused quite a stir, landing on many best of 2020 lists. If you don't have one yet, get hip. Congratulations to Sonatina, the only comics publisher that matters, for pulling this off. We are offering TWO editions of this book. The normal edition available from the publisher, and a slimer earlier printing on thinner paper, termed a bible edition. 

Regular Edition:

Bible Edition: