Closed Caption Comics by Various $20

Special edition (limited to 200 copies) includes screen printed chipboard slip sleeve designed by Noel Freibert and riso printed poster designed by Chris Day and Conor Stechschulte

The best anthology of the late 2000's continues on into the 10's. The artists in this book are some of our favorites here at DOMINO: Ryan Cecil Smith, Mollie Goldstrom, Lane Milburn and more. Every issue of this anthology has been something of a bomb on experimental drawing and challening writing---this is the most 'refined' issue yet, as these guys really put their all into a beautiful suite of stories. Our favorite piece is by Molly O'Connell---this anthology features her longest work to date. DOMINO will be publishing her book DIFFICULT LOVES this year, so this is your homework before that book drops.