But is it...Comic Aht? #2, edited by Austin English and August Lipp. $6, 64 pages, newsprint, 8.5 x 11

Why a print magazine about comics, and why now? The answers are...not simple. More than at any other time in my involvement in comics, I feel that things are artistically as beautiful as they've ever been. More and more artists seem drawn to cartooning than at any other time, many of them making work of true beauty that doesn't fit into any mold that comics has appeared to be capable of. And yet the artistry and passion of these artists seems deeply out of sync with the institutions and structures that the comics 'industry' offers. Cartooning is a unique artform, yielding little support to artists, yet still acting as magnet for wildly ambitious expression, experimentation and thought.

We celebrate making it to our second issue with a beautiful cover by Lilli Carré and a stunning back cover by Chris Cilla. This issue will contain the following (as well as much more!):

-an in-depth, career retrospective interview with Anna Haifisch, the cartoonist behind The Artist and Von Spatz

-one of the best comics critics in the world, Bob Levin, writes about his 'top 5' EC artists, and why Johnny Craig isn't one of them

-a discussion with Sonatina Comics publisher Scott Longo and cartoonist Andy Douglas Day conducted by August Lipp

-Comics criticism from Keren Katz

-a look into the unclassifiable world of 90s kids comics by writer Brian Nicholson

-Ryan Carey interviews underground cartoonist David Tea

-new comics on comics by Victor Cayro

-David King brings us a docu-comic on Keith Giffen

-Tim Goodyear talks zines and Mary Fleener

-writing on process from Olga Volozova