Comic Art #9, edited by Todd Hignite. $19.95 Magazine size, full color, with booklet insert. Published by Buenaventura Press. 

Well, what a different time the late 00s were for comic culture. This magazine, when it was coming out, was frankly incredible. The covers were always perfect, the design was as elegant and dignified as can be (but also cool and adventurous), the articles were deep and felt like a time where the wave of 'comics are art' had hit, and this magazine didn't intend to push that idea so much as to explore it as fact. And it did! Like any magazine, I have my criticisms, but so much of every issue I've read over and over again. There is always essential information in every volume as well as absolutely beautiful reproduced art. Top shelf, and then some. This issue features a cover by Tim Hensley and a retrospective article on Jerry Moriarty.