Death Warmed Over by Krystine Kryttre. $2.75. Magazine size, color cover, black and white interiors. 32 pages. Published by Cat Head Comics, 1990. 

Well, this is one of the most unique 'underground' comics I've ever come across, although it's a generation or two removed from the era. There's quite a bit to say about this comic, but I think the Mark Beyer quote inside really lays things out fare more eloquently that I can...highest possible recommendation for this masterpiece:

"On one hand there is a high level emotional intensity and graphic complexity, on the other hand there is an oddly endearing kind of cartoony sweetness. Kryttre is a self-taught artist who has evolved a disturbing and very personal vision. Her stories are sometimes shocking, but their essential honesty shines through and makes for an extremely enjoyable reading experience.

-Mark Beyer"