The Domino Comics Holiday Sale

Now’s your chance to scoop up 18  brilliant comics, art books, and experimental masterpieces - at 20% off (or more!) EACH! PLUS FREE SHIPPING*! DOMINO books make great gifts - all your holiday recipients are sure to be charmed by your impressive worldliness and underground sensibilities. 

*on these items only 


The Complete Woodcuts of Albrecht DürerDover books makes some of the best art of all time available in book form for incredible cheap prices. While the design of the books doesn't necessarily congratulate the reader, the artwork itself is presented perfectly. This Dürer book is a great example of what Dover is capable of doing, art that is of interest to practically anyone presented with dignity at a price that makes it available to the people. Practically the definition of a great holiday gift!

Was $22.95, now $15!

MOAB by Mara Ramirez: the perfect gift for the philosopher tumbleweed traveler in your life. A quiescently  beautiful graphic novel -

Was $20 - now $16! 

Vector Hugo by Matthew Thurber:  A pocket sized quarantine epic - much less read than it should be, but YOU have the power to change that. A great gift for anyone who lived through 2020, while maintaining a staunchly surrealist view the whole time.

Was $15 - now $10


Two from Chris Cilla: The Heavy Hand and Swonknibus : Chris Cilla epitomizes the Domino canon - if you don't have every book in his ouveur at this point - now can be the time to fix that mistake! The Heavy Hand is the perfect entry point for a Cilla hopeful (we’re hopeful you’re Cilla hopeful) , while Swonknibus is more of a deep cut for those who wish to explore more the work of a true, modern underground comix master.

Heavy Hand was $14- now $11.


Swonknibus was $16-now $12

Tad Martin 7 by Casanova Frankenstein : We published this, but even if we didnt - it would be one of our favorite comics of all time. If you are an avid Frankenstein fan but for some reason dont have this… get it now, and if you havent read any Casanova… this is a great jumping off point.

Was $10-now $8

The Duke and his Army by Emelie Östergren: Domino favorite surreal comic treasure, once again validating and surpassing the belief of comics as not just an art form but… the best art form to uh, ever exist. Dont believe us? Read this Lynchian, Carringtonesque book and say that again with a straight face.

Was $15-now $12

Frankenstein Now And Forever by Baladi: An awesome obscure Eurocartooning masterpiece, now available at a great discount. Such a great cartoonist - we wish we had more of his books to choose from in the US, but we are pretty lucky to have this one - a real pleasure of European Cartooning at its finest! Sacre Bleu Mon dieu, get this book and let it get YOU! Was $19.95-now $15

ABO Comix 3 : Always wanted to buy a copy of ABO but never did? Well - here’s your chance. -ABO is amazing for so many reasons - besides it’s extreme social enlightening relevance - it truly is an amazing collection of COMICS - made by people who value emotions more than fitting in to some cultural indie comics hegemony.

Was $25-now $20


These two books are some of the most essential reading in the Domino catalogue. Maybe discounting them will encourage you to take a chance - and read these stellar works of art by two American masters of the form: The Whistling Factory by Jesse McManus :McManus’s swirligig cartooning masterpiece - this graphic novel of the decade is now available at an even greater price. People overlook this book - but that means its ripe to be rediscovered - truly one of Domino’s favorite cartoonists - if you dont know, you seriously need to do your homework. But don't fret - let homework be fun, McManus style!

Was $20-now $16

Architecture of an Atom by Juliacks: One of the most beautiful, avant-garde comics masterpieces of the 21st century, now available at a great price. True stellar post-dream night world obbligatto EPIC operatic catalogue of intrapersonal daydream minutia. No words for this - can ever suffice.

Was $45-now $36

High Socks New Jersey 1950 by Paula Lawrie : Lawrie’s darkly nostalgic memoir of life as a Jewish youth in the 1950’s, told with a frankness and beauty that is nowhere else, no matter how hard you look. But look no more, as it’s here! Lucky we are that this book exists, and luckier still at this price!

Was $30-now $24

Tongues #1 by Anders Nilsen: Heres your chance to get in on Tongues - Anders Nilsens modern classic. Literary (world?!) comics at their apex.

Was $15-now $11

-copy by Floyd Tangeman