Extract by Walker Tate. $7. 8.5 x 10.75, 20 pages. Color cover, black and white interior. 

Walker Tate's work feels like post John Hankiewicz comics, although I'm not ever sure if the author is a Hankiewicz reader. It doesn't matter if he is---these works are in the tradition of excellence that no one has really built on besides these two authors. Humans, shapes, objects---all are used by Tate to create systems, rhymes, effects and (in my view) feeling. A lot of talk about 'poetic' comics seems to center on works that simply used metered verse, and loose illustrations of that verse. Tate's work, on the other hand, is a truly ambitious poetic project: his comics present a universe of intellect and sentiment that can only be experienced in such an exact way within his pages. Like Hankiewicz, Tate's visuals are extraordinary. When his construction call for beauty, he draws beautifully. When a literal illustration is required, he employs it. Well worth the time of any reader who wants to see someone using the form for all it's worth.