Five Perennial Virtues #2 by David tea, $5. Digest size,  60 pages, black and white throughout.

The comic is deeply mysterious, taking the indy-comics conceit of 'chronicling my mundane walk' to dizzying heights. Dave walks with the reader as he searches for stray pennies, talks about the history of currency, introduces us to the man who works at the local coffeeshop and then spends a bulk of the zine speaking with a plant with whom he communicates 'via mental telepathy.' There is an outsider quality to this zine to be sure. But we might find more justice in calling it a surreal work in the true sense of the word, where the belief that 'there's another world, but it's in this one' holds true. Dave's walk feels unsettling until we accept the logic of his reality; after that it's highly comforting.

The edition DOMINO is offering here is a reprint of the original 2005 mini, and contains additional material.