Giant Size Evil by Pakito Bolino. $35 Oversize hardcover, 150+ pages. Full color cover, two color interiors. Published by Crna Hronika in Macedonia.

Well, here's a 100% beautiful and amazing item...Crna Hronika pulled out all the stops to print, to me eyes, the best collection of work by Pakito Bolino to date. Most know Bolino through his work with Le Dernier Cri, the legendary underground French publisher of artist books with peer. But American readers are less familiar with Pakito's art. This book should change that, as it presents some of his most thrilling and moving work. For this publication, Bolino did one drawing a day for half a year. These are drawings of 'life and death, or pleasure and pain.' Peerless work from a living legend of an artist...and I can't stress enough, the beauty in design and printing of this book must be seen to be believed. A truly gigantic book made with care in all areas of paper selection, ink, etc.