Gift Shop 3D by Brie Moreno. 20 pages, one color. Digest size. Published by Oireau. $8

Brie Moreno's work feels, to me, like paper cut out characters (or stickers), interacting in a world filled with the authors interests and visual selections. The static, impersonal feeling of the characters change back and forth as the story unfolds. At times they confront the reader with dead eyes and everything feels sterile---but when interacting with objects carefully curated by Moreno they become more personable. The pleasure of Moreno's work exists in this grey area, as her cartoon forms keep you on your toes as they cycle through different emotional presentations. It's neither an off putting world or an open one---it's a complete cartoon universe devised by Moreno, and worthy of a trip into. This book also features some of the best lettering I've ever seen in a comic, perfectly arranged and executed---it's meticulous construction adds a clue to the laws that govern Gift Shop.