Hair Extensions #1 by Wiley Guillot 

$3, 5.5x8.5, 38 pages, Black and white printing. 

This is a collection of drawings by Brooklyn based artist Guillot, and I believe his first zine. Guillot shows a wide range of drawing interests here: light pencil shapes loosely sketched sitting on top of a slightly more rendered table are on one page, next to line-drawing character sketches with cartoony faces made with a fine pen. We turn the page and find a more fleshed out face study, with smears and washes. Then, further on, simple torso drawings that have not so simple faces. We go further and find llarge blobs of black ink that serve as the facial details for fleshy figure studies. Guillot even includes drawings made on old MS Paint style programs.


What’s exciting about this zine is that no matter what material or type of drawing Guillot gives us, they all have a unified mission of visual gestalt. I feel an aesthetic thrill looking at all these drawings and it leads me to believe that even in experimentating with different pallates, Guillot is an aritst that knows the look he wants, even if he’s not sure what it is until he gets it. I, for one, relate to that feeling a lot and I relate to these drawings. This is a beautiful package of work that Iäll be flipping through for quite some time.