The Hero's Life and Death Triumphant by Frédéric Coché. $26. Oversize. 129 pages. Black and white. Published by Bries.

This book, for many readers who have been lucky enough to encounter it over the years, holds a deep significance.  At first glance, it is stunningly beautiful, Coché etchings have a an undeniable delicate thrill to them. Reading the book, which is mostly silent except for a few phrases (this edition is French/English bilingual), is a truly memorable experience. Like the promise of comics at their birth, this is a work where no clear meaning is hammered into the readers head...instead, a readers reactions and ideas are invited, rich interpretations generated upon ever page. However, the book, in my view, is not obscure It does not try to confuse but is instead truly organic. One of the most mysterious comics of all time, a key 'graphic novel' that is almost never discussed and very rarely available in the USA. A living breathing masterpiece.