Hot Dog Beach 1 by Lale Westvind

$6, 8.5x11, 28 pages. Black and white. 

Westvind pushes these thick masses of characters around her page with wild movements. The page itself is a thrill to look at—Westvind doesn’t draw tiny or tell little stories: these are towering pages packed with rows of panels. I don’t know how long Westvind has been doing comics but there is a lot more pouring out into these comics then most other ‘new’ cartoonists I tend to see. I really like how the characters change in line tone—they can be blocky and stagnant on one page and then sharp and flowing on another. These comics are fun to read and have a lot of genre touches—but, the unique things Westvind does with the physicality of her characters makes this into something really new and exhilarating.