How To Be Everywhere by Warren Craghead III

90 pages, $15. 

To me, this is one of the most important comic books of the last decade. Conceived as a tribute to Appolinare's Calligrames, there are a number of different ways to appreciate and love this book. First, you can view it as a very personal style of drawing pushed to its apex of creativity with the challenge presented by Calligrames as the organizing principle. Craghead fills page after page with drawings here, and each one of them doubles over itself with mroe life then the next. Are these 'abstract' drawings or are they drawings presented as information, organized within the form of a book? Or is there something more going on? 

I look at a project like this with maybe a naive idea of whats its about. What I see is this: Craghead uses Calligrames as a catalog and engine to create a substantial amount of drawign around. The images generated by this engine become more and more creative---to me, they are breathtaking---as Craghead is forced to create more work to fufill the tribute. I may be totally off base---but no matter what, this is one of the most important comics of recent memory (up there with John Hankiewicz' Asthma). Beyond proud to be able to offer it here in the DOMINO shop.