Human Being Lawnmower #3, edited by Avi Spivak

Color cover, 60+ interior pages in black and white. Oversized digest. $6

This is a really incredible zine and this issue is my favorite one yet---its packed with material, coming out at over 60 pages. This is basically a zine edited by Spivak featuring a lot of artists but also with a ton of Avi's art all over it.I lvoe that kind of approach---a combination of magazine and solo anthology comic. Spivaks art doesn't get talked about enough in the comics world if you ask me---these perfect little inky drawings have a real elegance to them and are a genuine pleasure to look at as they gang up on the page. The cover itself is worth the price of entry! Spivak has great taste in other cartoonists/artists and writers. This feels like a throwback to the glory days of zines, but when I look back at a lot of my old zines, few of them are this good. Don't sleep on this one!