Journal of Smack by Andrea Lukic. $10, magazine size, mixed color and b & w interiors. 40 pages

Wow, yes...this comic blew my mind. There is a powerful story within these pages that rewards re-reading...and re-reading is (beyond) a pleasure because Lukic's writing and art is amazingly free, colorful and just flat out cool. The dialogue and sentiments expressed here feel like the promise of psychedelic art that never quite delivers most of the time---but it does here (for me, at least): another world is suggested, but with the emotions and aesthetics of this one amplified and emphasized. The drawing itself is what I value most and what I run DOMINO to share with other readers: while I can see some small influences here and there (Dunja Janlovic? Dame Darcy?), Lukic's images is incredibly unique...and yet they're not unformed. This is a fully formed visual vocabulary here that is a breath of fresh air. Get this book!