Jason T Miles Grab Bag by Jason T Miles $9

3 different art zines/mini-comics by Jason T Miles. Different formats/page count for each. 

Jason T Miles is easily one of our favorite artists here at DOMINO. A prolific artist, each work by JTM is both inviting and highly complex. There is a warmth to each release (to use JTM's words, his art uses 'thelangueage of the heart') but coupled with a fair degree of obstruction. So you have to work for the warmth! JTM's comics embrace and throw away comics history all at ocne. There are characters, Will Elder chicken fat---and also (depending on how you look at it) none of this. One thing is sure---JTM makes beautiful art that will move you if you open up to it. JTM was nice enough to give us a wide variety of zines and minis, ranging from art-zines, issues of Pines, doodle books, and even short anthologies he edited. Each order will get 3 random minis!