King Cat #81, 28 pages, black and white, digest size. $5

I'm beyond honored to be able to carry KING CAT in the Domino shop. This is a comic that should require no introduction, because a lot of us are here looking at this site because of the ideals and aesthetics that King Cat helped us articulate. Porcellino's long running auto-biographical magazine should never be taken for granted though, as it evolves artistically and spiritually along with its author. What gets lost a lot in people's love for this legendary publication is, I think, how singular it is in its artistry. The buts-and-bolts achievement---now over 75 issues of a black and white mini-comic written and drawn by one person under all the different pressures of life for over two decades----is what staggers anyone approaching this series for the first time. But it's Porcellinos totally unique take on the idea of cartooning that sings through every time you pick it up. It's about his life but it's also about him processing the world through his own cartoon language---a language that reveals itself to be more and more forward thinking and elegant as time goes on. The ideals are influential but the art even more so. If you haven't read this comic before, now's the time.