Lizz Hickey Comix Grab Bag

by Lizz Hickey

3 individual Lizz Hickey Zines


Who doesn't love Lizz Hickey's comics? She is one of our favorite artists here at DOMINO---her comics are my favorite sickly love letter to Nancy, in a medium teeming with Nancy tributes. These comics get the weird, funny logic of Nancy (dependable characters doing their thing and encountering puzzle like problems to push themselves through for joke purposes) and up the tension with gross love triangles, neurotic perversion and really really good drawing--Hickey is a print maker, so her work is full of strong image making, never sacrificed in service of joke-making. In fact, Hickey's figure drawing makes the situations more specific and funny.  Lizz gave us a lot of zines---everything from 'Fuggit! Y'all' to 'Carol Verse Carol.' Every order will get 3 Lizz Hickey comics picked at random, a 'Danny Carol Jeremy' prize pack!