Love Wins #'s 1-6 by Jason T Miles. $5

Silk screened cover, 22 black and white interior pages. 12 x 9.

Recent customers to the DOMINO shop have noticed that each order usually comes with a free zine by one of our favorite artists, Jason T Miles. This series of experimental art zines, titled Love Wins, are available only in non direct ways---by ordering books from DOMINO or Miles himself, or seeing Miles around town and being handed a copy. The series is a ser place for Miles to do whatever he wants, experiment with text, imagery, photocopying, etc etc. A heartfelt series from an endlessly inventive artist, Love Wins is now up to issue 10. This booklet collects issues 1-6 and is full of photocopying and collage experiments. If you're interested in what Miles does, this is for you.