Me and Night by Angela Fanche. $35. 112 pages. Silk screened cover, rise interiors, bound by hand. Limited printing. 

This is a collection of some personal favorite comics of mine and many others. Here's a back cover blurb I wrote for the book, only thing it doesn't mention is how beautifully printed it is and how quantities on this are extremely limited:

While Angela Chen’s diary comics record her life (like any diary would), its how she draws events that give these entries an undeniable power. The truth of a night out, a conversation with a roommate, the first day of a new job: the underlying and pulsating true feeling that you can only pick up on if you were truly alive and there—Angela’s comics bring you that through shadow and gesticulating torsos. But, the figures she draws aren’t in allegiance with the factual past. This book is concerned with something else: the poetic reality of a day that can never be repeated, except in panels drawn by Chen.