Mercyless by Ines Estrada. $15. 32 pages. Digest size, black and white.

An incredible work from one of our favorite artists here at Domino. Normally I write description for everything, but the contents of this publication is specific enough to the artist themselves that I think their words are a better description source:

"This zine tells the true story of the psychotic breakdown experienced by the artist during 2019, collecting drawings, comics and writing from before it started, during it happened and afterwards. The contents are arranged in chronological order and you can see the descent and rise from insanity she lived, as well as her experience with sudden physical disability, which she now lives with after jumping from a second floor during her psychotic episode. 
NOTE: In the chaotic spirit of this zine, some of its interior pages may come crumpled, misprinted, torn or damaged and mended in some way."