Morons #1 by Keith Jones. $10

24 pages, risograph printed. 10 x 7.

The kind of comic you dream of finding in an old stack of undergrounds---two pals (based largely on Jones and artist Jonathan Petersen) knock around the city, getting into simple pleasures/trouble. There is something so strong in this book---whether it's the minor tribute to comics in general that Jones pulls off in the production (comes complete with a beautiful subscription form and bleeds love for comics all around) or the beauty of the storytelling itself. The events in the books are full of lurid adventure but are presented so casually. Characters start fires, are thrown in jail and more with no melodrama---the cartoon drawings get dragged around the city, invincible to any misfortune. You have fun with them as they laugh it all off. And through all of that, a real punch of art overpowers as Jones pushes the casual tone into something strange, funny and most of all well told. This book is an ambitious shift from an already very strong artist into new artistic ground that seems like it can go in any direction.