Mother Lover by Nicholas Breutzman, John & Luke Holden, Raighne Hogan, with a foreword by Rob Clough

72 pages,  5 x 7 Color cover, 2 color interiors


An anthology with deep ties to Minnesota. Beautiful production and really unique sotrytelling abound in this one. In the vein of Drawn & Quarterly Showcase. Weird, autobio-tinged Minnesota flavors. Rob Clough says, "There's a bleak beauty in Breutzman's unsparing vision, a grim understanding of how things really are and the ways in which we try to conceal the truth," and "Readers of their Good Minnesotan anthology will be familiar with John & Luke Holden, two brothers with a touch for the bizarre and the grotesque," and he adds, "There's something almost visceral about [Raighne's] color sense, something that evokes sickness or injury."