Mother's Breast by Gnat. $5

We are honored to carry this book from newly returned Organ Bank. We think letting the publisher speak for themselves about this book is best:

'The freaked out, bored, alienated observations of the Beautiful Boy looking out on his suburban purgatory fill the pages of Mother’s Breast. The banal, brutal, and transcendent nature of teenage experience.  Gnat, the quiet observer and obsessive recorder recounts to us the experience of seeing “a couple embracing in the front seat of their car in a chick-fil-a parking lot. they’re making out, but you can see an abandoned grocery cart across the street and God’s secret name is written out in chemtrails across the over cast sky.” He gives us a peephole into every granular inch of Pennsylvania in the early 2010’s. The piece feels almost in dialogue with the overwhelming Saturnalia of Bam Margera’s reality show ten years prior, filmed in the same location, the area now drained of any vitality–Gnat in a stupefied state trying to make sense of the rubble. Originally written as a series of Tumblr posts, these fragmented documents of Gnat’s young life were then later edited by Organ Bank founder Morgan Vogel. Mother’s Breast digs deep into the foundation of teenage male identity–the shaking discomfort of all that is projected onto boys.'