Mowgli's Spiegel by Olivier Schrauwen. $25, hardcover, 48 pages, full color. Published by Bries

I'm so excited that Bries is publishing a hardcover edition of Mowgli's Spiegel (or Mowgli's Mirror, as US audiences might know it). This is one of Olivier Schrauwen's best works, and, while it's from a foreign publisher and wears a foreign name, this book is completely accessible to American readers because it is silent/pantomime comics at their absolute best. Schrauwen has long shown readers his skill in just about any genre (or subversion of a genre): pseudo Winsor McCay satire, 1950s Krigstein sampling, futuristic borderline pixel art, and much much more. Mowgli is one of the Schrauwen books that feels the most free, with the main anchor as the medium itself, as Schrauwen uses visual storytelling for all its worth in retelling the Mowgli story in comics form to give it an almost timeless elemental feel.