The Princess of the Never Ending Castle by Shintaro Kago. $35. Hard cover, 192 pages. Oversized. Published by Hollow Press in Italy.

NOTE TO CUSTOMERS: This is a work originally in Japanese and translated into English by an Italian publisher. The translation is rough and requires patience from the reader. This is a unique work, one we are lucky to have available in the United States, but customers should be aware going in of this difficulty. 

Absolute mind blowing book by Shintaro Kago, a master manga artist, working here in rare (for him) longform storytelling. This book is a special, really essential project, for both the artistry Kago brings to it and the spectacular care in which Hollow Press has printed it. A gem of a comic, every page is a beautiful work of art. Hard to find in the USA, Domino is proud to offer this very unique book to our customers.