The Puerto Rican War by John Vasquez Mejias. Comic book size, 88 pages, black and white offset. 

John Mejias has been one of my favorite living cartoonists since I read his comic book accounts of working as a public school teach in NYC, chronicled in 'Paping: Teachers Edition.' Mejias work is so skilled, his work with woodcuts so beautiful, and his storytelling so direct and accomplished, that the powerful social message of his work is often not at the forefront of your mind when you discuss his greatness. But make no mistake, Mejias makes comics about how peoples lives interact with power, about human beings navigating political reality. I think he is one of the most interesting social voices in comics, and this new book is no exception, a deeply researched account of Puerto Rican revolutionaries in 1950. One of my favorite comics to come out this year.