Queasy's Smiley Bean Emporium by Char Esme and Lauren Poor

44 pages, full color, pocket size


This is an incredible zine by Char Esme, one of our favorite cartoonists here at DOMINO, and Lauren Poor, an image-maker/costumer/photographer of amazing visual refinement. This beautifully produced book is dense with imagery, functioning as a dream catalog of items that you might find in the most aesthetically on-point 99 cent store. But the conceit goes beyond that---while there is no end to highly charged and visually perfect junk-store fare to browse in the catalog, Esme and Poor push the imaginative end of things, creating collages of items that almost become abstract. This is that rare art book that creates a entire anesthetized world for the reader---at once inviting, creepy and impressive, we can't recommend this book enough.