Richy Vegas Comics #12 by Richard Alexander. 80 pages, black and white, oversized format. Self-published.

I've long been intrigued by Richard Alexander's unique cartooning, and I'm proud to be able to offer it to DOMINO readers. What makes Alexander's work so compelling to me is its embrace of totally original formalist ideas (every page is drawn on paper plates, and the drawings bend into themselves, all the while maintaining a strong aesthetic pull) combined with a frankly honest, sometimes shockingly so, chronicle of a persons life. The emotions and attitudes expressed in these comics are strong and might be off putting to some readers. But if viewed as an account of one's mental life, they are strong examples of comics ability to be used as a pure tool of interaction between author and reader. And, viewed on their own, they are filled with beautiful compositions and inventive drawing. 

PLEASE NOTE: These comics are large, oversized editions. Extra shipping will be charged.