R.I.P. MOU #1 by Valis Ortiz. $15. 36 pages. 18+! Adults only!

This is a very special item for the Domino shop, and we are going to use the copy written on the Gatosaurio store:

"For some of us, there is a death and rebirth in this same life. That’s what happened to V.A.L.I.S., a prolific artist from Monterrey, Mexico, previously known as Mou. Mou’s work was unmistakable, always psychedelic, precise, a bit dark and highly sexual. As Mou began to transition into V.A.L.I.S. these women started to disappear with him, and as V.A.L.I.S. was born, she stopped drawing completely. These drawings were made in those years, and have remained archived until now. 

As V.A.L.I.S. has started to draw again, she decided to revisit her old work, in particular these pieces that were left behind with her past life, and together we decided that they deserve to see the light and be shared with you all, in remembrance of Mou and in celebration of V.A.L.I.S. as she is now reborn in her new life, more powerful and truthful than ever."