Seeds 1-5 Print Set. by Joel Skavdahl. $40, 5 oversize fine art prints, with 16 page digest size zine. 

This is a special, one of a kind, print object. There are 5, heavy paper stock, beautifully printed oversize comic strips called “Seeds,” which detail Skavdahl’s whimsically surreal universe of anthropomorphic vegetables, gallivanting through amorphous psychedelic landscapes. A true pleasure to see, behold, and experience, as this work must be experienced. These prints are also designed so that one may frame them in their home, and who doesn't want the lucid dreams of Skavdahl, beautifully printed, hanging in their kitchen, living room or bedroom, guiding them to dream in his seed-laden multiverse? This deluxe package also comes with a process zine that gives insight into the creation of the seed people and the rocket ship of a brain that guides us to their extraterrestrial plane. -review by Floyd Tangeman