S.M.P.P.B. by Victor Cayro

24 pages, magazine size, black and white. $8

Cayro's tour de force Bittersweet Romance, his first solo book, makes the case for him as one of the best cartoonists working in comics today. But Cayro also makes compelling, funny, beautifully drawn single images, many of them collected here. Cayro's work is more than social commentary---layers and layers of info, jokes, misdirection, anger, satire, sympathy, etc all layer together. When people talk about Cayro, it's the visual assault that is discussed, but this collection of image/text pieces again makes the case for his work being as rich (if not more so) in the writing as it is in the image creation. Solo works by Cayro were once so rare...I've bought many questionable anthologies that contained an incredible story by Cayro, simply because anthologies were the only place to find his work. Now with Bittersweet Romance and this collection (stands for Suck My Pee Pee Bitch), we are in a golden era of Cayro publications. Don't take it for granted, get this book!