Sonatina Comics by Various $7

80 Pages, color, 7 x 9 inches

Featuring comics by:

Chris Andersen, Andy Burkholder, Mark Hensely, Aidan Koch, Blaise Larmee, Scott Longo, Dane Martin, Dylan McKeever, Maré Odomo, and Jason Overby.

This is pretty near and dear to our hearts at DOMINO. Work by so many of our favorite artists---Aidan Koch, Blaise Larmee, Jason Overby, Andy Burkholder and more. Like Astral Talk before it, this anthology clearly articulates a new aesthetic and does so in a very intelligent and elegant way. These are smart comics that are visually dense and poetically rich. Astral Talk assembled a very good portrait of (to me) the most exciting wing in comics right now and I'm glad Sonatina is boldly continuing the task. This is the kind of work and publishing DOMINO aspires to so we're honored to have this book in our store.