Tinfoil Comix #5 edited by Floyd Tangeman. $14. Magazine size, full color, 64 pages

Fifth stellar issue of one of the most incredible collections of comics I've seen in a long long time. Running Domino, I look at a lot of comics...it's rare that I find something so unique and so exciting coming completely out of nowhere (out of nowhere to me at least...maybe many of you reading this are well aware of the cartoonists in this anthology). The aesthetic here is extremely experimental, psychedelic, scraggly, poetic, from the heart, obtuse, challenging, strange and beautiful. And while almost every entry is highly unorthodox, there's also an incredible persuasive confidence to the entire project, no apology for how off the wall it is...instead every entry feels like a new essay on how comics are, how they always have been and the thrills of the potential the 'essay' suggests are included. I rarely use this word, but I found this anthology inspiring and I think you will too if you read it.