Urstory by Amy Kuttab. 84 pages, color cover, black and white interiors. Digest size. Published by Teenage Dinosaur. $10

Wow...this is a mind blowing comic. I've followed Kuttab's work with admiration over the years, but this is like a comic from another planet. Kuttab's figure's drift through the pages, with ease and precision. Every moment is labored over to make it just right and sifted through Kuttab's particular artistic sensibility. This is high level cartooning, where the characters act and bend with firm directions from the author, but enough trust from the author in her own structures to allow for ample improvisation of line, composition and design. Myth's and an homage to Ulysses form the template that Kuttab riffs on, but the true heart of this thing is the pleasure of seeing a particular kind of world being fleshed out for the first time: the world of a cartoonist coming into their own. Highly recommended.