Video Tonfa by Tim Goodyear, $24.95. 600 pages. Published by Floating World Comics

This is one of my all time favorite comic collections and also one of the best examples of art criticism I've ever read. It's a book of film reviews written by Goodyear, in which he also redraws the VHS art. Goodyear's reviews are like his drawing: they take them film seriously as an experience. When something in a film is off or lacking, Goodyear doesn't shy away from expressing the discordance, but also doesn't seek to admonish, instead offering ways to enjoy an off kilter moment in a flick. Art, in this volume, isn't 'good or bad' but something made by people in their own way that can be viewed by people in their own way. The peculiarities of movies are not treated as fodder for giggles but instead as real moments. And when a film does connect, a real exploration of the exhilaration involved is written hand.