The Weaver Festival Phenomenon by Ron Rege, Jr., based on a story by BananaYoshimoto. $16 64 pages, full color, 7.5 x 9. Published by the Commonwealth Comic Book Company

Ron Rege's work is the bible of most of the cartoonists whose work is for sale on this site. This book is incredible, easily one of the best thigns Rege has done in years. On the surface it's compelling enough, a deeply emotional (but funny!) love story. Beneath that conceit, we find Rege firing on all cylinders, laying out his pages with a quiet and strong rhythm. Also, the printing in this book is something to behold. The people behind 'The Common Wealth Comic Book Company' are something of a mystery (I have my guesses) but whoever they are, the paper and colors in this book are how everything should be printed. It's perfect. A true work of comic art, highest possible recommendation.