Future #6 by Tommi Musturi. Retail Price $6. Wholesale Price $3. Comic book szie, full color, 28 pages. Published by Boing Being in Finland. 

I think, even for true fans of Tommi Musturi who have appreciated his work for years, this series is a real shock. When I was first sent copies, I assumed it was an exciting anthology that Musturi was publishing...the idea that every perfectly crafted page, in a truly wide array of styles was ALL by him seemed unfathomable. But...it's real. Musturi takes the format of a classic Marvel comic (the proportions, the eye popping color) and fills that template with one of the most beautiful genre comics I've ever encountered. Utopias, alternateworlds, 'illustrated utopias' and much much more. This is a staggering work of art which is satisfyingly rooted in the idea of COMICS but departs at every corner from that idea.