Miasma Myopia by Floyd Tangeman. 28 pages. Retail $10 Wholesale $5 Color cover, black and white interiors. 

Tangeman's debut full length comic is something that, on one level, you can read quickly---it communicates a story and all the tools for making your way through it are there. On a more real level, this is a long read, a comic where you really can (and should) linger on each panel to get into what the comic really has to offer. Characters react with and against and through machine technology and sift through pages in this comic only to encounter different media, pacing, tones, etc. Some comics reduce their panels to beats, to sharp notes meant to be understood instantly...Miasma Myopia allows for a lot more interaction from the reader. A true experience of a comic...if you're interested in what Tangeman has done with his anthologies Tinfoil, Jaywalk and Cowlick, this is something you should read ASAP.