Theth: Tomorrow Forever by Josh Bayer. Retail $25 WHOLESALE $12.50, 186 pages, full color.

The long awaited follow up to the earlier eponymous volume, Theth, comes Theth: Tomorrow Forever (and, while this is a 'sequel,' let's be very clear: this volume can be read as a stand alone). I've written about Bayer's work in the past, but it's never easy for me, it's hard to do justice to what's going on here. Bayer is making my absolute favorite comics in the world right a strange way, it is at times hard to read his stuff, because real emotion and thinking are spread across every page, not one corner wasted. The visual approach suggests a aesthetic over powering, and this is true to an extent, but it's the extremely complex and very human feeling that colors everything and makes it worthwhile. Best of the best, in my book...a comic for anyone in the world to read with care.