The Complete Illuminated Books by William Blake. $49.95, 480 pages, full color. Published by Thames & Hudson

My personal copy of this book is falling apart from over use, but it is, of course, the kind of book you cannot exhaust. It's a publication I will never part of the richest and most beautiful collections of one person's vision ever published. Blake's most important art was his illuminated manuscripts, and this book collects all of them, from the quiet Songs of Innocence, to the emotionally violent Jerusalem. The printing here is superb, the colors are rich and the text vibrant. Anyone who cares about art needs this book, but specifically readers of this site could do well to give this a look through comic enthusiasts eyes. These aren't illuminated manuscripts in the traditional sense where another source's text is illustrated by the artist. This is Blake illustrating HIS text, and doing so for self publication. He shares more in common with other artists on this site than he does with those whose work he is typically associated with. This is a book you can keep reading for the rest of your life and continue to be challenged by.