Alienation #1 by Ines Estrada. $6, digest size, 32 pages, black and white

Estrada has long been a favorite cartoonist of mine and many others, but this series really feels like her breakthrough comic and one of the best things I've read in years. Alienation is a serialized story, mostly about technology getting increasingly intertwined into our lives, set in a slightly distant future that resembles ours except that Google and app technology has gotten many shades more inescapable. Estrada's work, judging by the covers, at first seems like it has a transgressive message to get across. But when reading the actual stories, a real humane worldview is communicated---in this story especially.  Estrada focuses on two main characters, a couple, who navigate the uneasy terrain of digital life vs. real life. While these issues have been talked about endlessly in all kinds of art forms, I feel like this story hits home in a truly emotional/frightening way---mostly because Estrada has perfected her cartoon storytelling to a really sharp point. Best comic being made in 2017.