The Being Being by Jason Overby. $12, 100+ pages, perfect bound, digest size, black and white throughout with color cover. Published by Gridlords

Well, we are pretty darn grateful this book exists. Overby is one of the cartoonists whose art and ideas greatly influenced the formation of Domino, and this book will allow people to see more of his singular art. So, it's really a gift. It collects some of Overby's classic mini comics (Jessica, Exploding Head Man, etc), which still stand as some of the greatest self published comics of the mid to late 00s. Overby's work is fiercely intellectual, playful, beautifully drawn then redrawn then picked apart and then refined. Perfect, amazing comics. This is why DOMINO exists, to get THESE kinds of comics out there. Don't cheat yourself, this is the real deal.