Mach dich hübsch! by Isa Genzken. $65, 12 x 16, full color throughout. Published by Walther König, Köln

Genzken is one of my favorite artists, and this book in particular is important for me to sell alongside comics in the Domino store. This book (made in Berlin as a counterpart to a similar, and highly rare, art book: I Love New York, Crazy City) is both collage art book and diary. Purely visual, it includes photos of the artist, clippings from magazines that appealed to her, portraits of friends, advertisements of the time, etc. Taken as one image at a time, the graphics are powerful and seductive. Taken together, which is what is intended, we have a far richer work of art, as a narrative through imagery and scale (the page format gradually increases as you go further on in the book) unfolds. An absolutely essential book.