I Go Go Back and Forth by Marlene Frontera. 10 pages, full color rise, 8.5 by 9, edition of 200. Published by Soft City. $12

Drawing inspiration from a childhood picture book in which a girl is seen next to a rippling pond that grows as the pages progress, Frontera documents the evolution of a single drawing at different stages. A comic narrative sequence emerges: is it about the evolution/erasure of a drawing or about patchy memories shimmering and fading away? Frontera touches on both possibilities, but the real thing that hits the reader is the gestalt of the images. While some are sparse, others flirt with horror vacui, as color and motion overpower. But Frontera's work isn't assaultive...it's more psychedelic and improvisational, as textiles, architecture and cut and paste composition converge into a highly aesthetic world. This beautifully printed rise graph book is a specialized road map to that terrain.